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LutonAid Music Academy - registered charity no. 1147211

LutonAid Music Academy (LAMA), a Luton-based Charity (registered charity number 1147211), has been set up to support, encourage and develop original music in Luton and the wider local area. Open to all ages and all levels of musical experience some of its aims are to:

Mariana Brown, Chair of LAMA and Founder of LutonAid, said:

LutonAid has been running successfully for ten years now and 2015 will see us celebrate LutonAid's tenth birthday. LutonAid has given local bands and artists the chance to perform at a respected local festival and raise money for charity since 2005, but there is so much more that can be done. The charity LutonAid Music Academy (LAMA) has been formed as a result of a desire to develop LutonAid beyond a two day festival that takes place each year. It seems to us that the next logical step for LutonAid is to work to support musicians of all ages to make the kind of music they want to. We want to build a project that will be there to support, encourage and develop the future generations of independent music locally for years to come.”